What is LINGOT

mini-screenshot LINGOT is a musical instrument tuner. It's accurate, easy to use, and highly configurable. Originally conceived to tune electric guitars, it can now be used to tune other instruments.

It looks like an analogue tuner, with a gauge indicating the relative shift to a certain note, found automatically as the closest note to the estimated frequency.


This application has the following features:

  • It's free software. LINGOT is distributed under the GPL license.
  • It's really quick and accurate, perfect for real-time microtonal tuning.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in your instrument and run it.
  • LINGOT is an universal tuner. It can tune many musical instruments, you only need to provide the temperaments. For that purpose, it supports the Scala project .scl format.
  • Highly configurable via GUI. It's possible to change any parameter while the program is running, without editing any file.


LINGOT was originally developed by Ibán Cereijo-Graña and Jairo Chapela-Martínez.


You can follow the activity of this project visiting its news page at Savannah. New releases and features are published there. You can also subscribe to the news feed.


The tuner's main window.

The tuner's main window.

Config dialog — settings.

Config dialog — settings.

Config dialog — scale edition.

Config dialog — scale edition.

Downloading and Installing LINGOT

Source code

Click on the following link to download the source code of lingot: http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/lingot/

You can also get the latest release of the sources from our Mercurial repository. The command for getting the files is the following:

hg clone http://hg.sv.gnu.org/hgweb/lingot

Binary distributions

There are some precompiled packages available. Some linux-based distros have adopted LINGOT to be part of their software repositories.

  • The Debian distribution and other derived distros includes a precompiled version of LINGOT. Thanks to Niv Sardi Altivanik.

System Requirements

Your system must satisfy the following requisites to run LINGOT properly:

  • A «modest» computer running GNU/Linux. (Pentium at 200 MHz or similar should be enough.)
  • A sound card with line-in or microphone input.
  • Jack, ALSA or OSS Audio support.
  • GTK+ library, version 2.0 or above.

Further info

You can get more information about LINGOT visiting our project's page at Savannah. We encourage you to subscribe to the mailing lists we have created — you can expose there any question, suggestion or anything else. We appreciate any feedback and/or collaboration you might want to do.